The idea of this website is to provide knowledge and assist with action plans regarding certain health issues and chronic diseases, in every day’s activities to improve one’s condition and to adopt new habits in order to live a healthy lifestyle.  Studies have increasingly confirmed the positive effects of exercise and physical activity in certain chronic diseases and in many cases played drastic role in the reduction of the administered drug.

15 minutes visit to primary care clinic is not enough to explain and consult your health condition. There is so much to discuss when it relates to medication prescription. Patients must decide for themselves if they will take medication or try to change their lifestyle, at least they have the right to try first.

Only 9% of patients decide for themselves, usually they just follow guidance. Most patients leave primary care not understanding what the doctor even said. It takes more time and consultation; clinicians don’t have that much of time to give.

Today, patients with chronic diseases are not bedridden or restricted in their daily activities, thanks to advanced science and good counseling.
On this website, Health & Exercise Coaching we will develop issues related to exercise, nutrition and psychological support in relation to chronic diseases or other health conditions one may have, in order to gain a healthy and more active body, not to suffer pain, instead, to enjoy life.