It’ll sound like a cover letter but you should know who is behind this website, here I want to tell you about the person and character of Marilyn Gilyana.
I was born in Iraq and graduated from Baghdad University / PE College and Sport Science in 1990, two years later I settled down in Greece.
In 2012 while doing my research as a health educator in a university hospital in Greece, I had my first contact with patients of chronic diseases.  It all started then, I felt the kindness and appreciation of people whenever I gave an advice or helped them with explaining something that is related to their health issues. A tip, a secret, a joke were always welcomed to lift their spirit. Explaining their health situation in simple words gave them some relief, and helping them was always a comfort to me.  At that time I started thinking of doing this professionally. Losing my job as a physical education teacher in the Greek crises pushed me more to open my own website in health advising, and here I am with
I believe my initiative will not be in writing about healthy eating, exercising and those perfect 6 packs, instead, I will discuss how to manage being as healthiest as possible with all those bad genes we inherited, the unhealthy habits we insist not to give up, and all the temptations around us. Also, I will give some advices in how to cope with ourselves when getting older.
Watching our body abandoning us is the hardest thing human beings can handle. It’ll always feel so early, but the most important thing is how to cooperate with our behavior, which is controlled by our psycho synthesis. I’ll be writing about everything is as normal as it is around us, about us in the real life. Models, perfect bodies, happy people with perfect careers and families don’t exist much. You and I will share our everyday difficulties and obstacles to find a way to get over them. We must give ourselves a chance to live our lives in the best way we can.

After years of teaching PE I find it very interesting to be involved in the health coaching in general. Helping people to change their lifestyle is challenging, but it feels great when their goals are achieved. Behavior is the key word to succeed.

Through educating sessions I help my clients get into a program that includes physical activities, nutrition tips and behavior changing to improve their every day’s living. Each individual is different from another in his needs and health situation; apart from motivating them I try to teach them how to adopt new healthy habits. Mostly, I work on encouraging my clients to change their behavior. Those sessions are usually once a month and can last for six months or nine months in some cases, till some goals are accomplished and good habits totally adopted. I work with Greek – Arabs and non-native English speakers, in person and through online meetings. You can reach me through the website contact us form or at Facebook by clicking here;
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Marilyn Gilyana
Health & Behavior Coach
MSc Exercise & Health
BA Physical Education