MS and exercise

Exercise in multiple sclerosis

A Majority of people don’t know the nature or symptoms of some diseases; they’re content with what they hear about from friends or media.  Let’s first identify multiple sclerosis in few simple words; MS (Multiple Sclerosis) is a disease that affects the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) when complicated dysfunctions occur to the…


exercise and obesity

Obesity and exercise

In health science weight has been classified into five categories based on a particular calculation to let people know whether they have normal or unhealthy weight, it is called the BMI (Body Mass Index). It is calculated by dividing weight in kilograms by the square of height in meters. The categories are as follows; <18.5…


exercise and pregnancy

Exercise through pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is not prohibited. On the contrary, all researches state that exercise helps to develop abilities in muscle controlling during labor and in delivery.  Exercise also minimizes common pregnancy problems like hemorrhoids and bladder leaks. If there aren’t any other health disorders (conditions) caused by pregnancy like diabetes and high blood pressure, then…


exercise in alter life

Exercise in later life

When do you think we start to age? I believe most of you will answer at 60 or 65. Phenomenally our generation is not aging as previous ones did. So, no one can determine exactly when the beginning of aging formally and actually is. The truth, however, in our time is that our external appearances…


Exercise and sexuality

Exercise and sexuality

Talking about our sexual life nowadays is no longer taboo. Along with many other things, an active sexual life is vital for human species to ensure prolonged mental, emotional and physical balance. The importance of exercise in this field arises because it has effects on sexual ability. When we exercise, main objective is weight loss…


Exercise and nutrition

Exercise and diet

An impressive research study was completed by Washington University on three million people for over a decade. The study was looking at how exercise and diet affects obesity. Such research studies have large numbers; lengthy time frames and cannot be attempted many times or doubted. This research proved that most of the people who increased…



Exercise and Dementia (Alzheimer)

With the general term “dementia” we refer to more than one disease related to neuron cells degeneration but have several features in common, such as loss of memory. Most of those diseases affect the elderly. Alzheimer’s disease is the most known of all and unfortunately, rapidly growing. In the year 2006, a number of 25.6…


Bariatric methods

Exercise and bariatric

Bariatric is the medical field that deals with obesity with a surgical method. It is applied when BMI surpasses 35. In this type of therapy, various physician specialties participate, internists, endocrinologists, psychiatrists, nutritionists and physical trainers or healthcare adviser (Health Coach) until the treatment is complete. In some cases, people with a BMI 30-35 are…


Diastasis Recti

Exercise after pregnancy

Every woman’s challenge after childbirth is to regain her pre-pregnancy figure and lose all the weight gained through pregnancy. Exercise is the key word to obtain the best results and the sooner you start, the better the results. Studies confirm the importance of exercise in the prevention of postpartum depression (postnatal depression), which is responsible…


old people dancing

Dancing as physical activity in later life

Dancing is a physical activity that is not difficult. It doesn’t discourage people from practicing and enjoying it. It requires nothing but a good mood and intention. It is not limited to age and sex.  Countries with long tradition in local dances, encourage their societies to dance from early age, this contact becomes an integral…